Keg Cool Room

A well designed and installed cool room is critical to ensure the efficiency of your Beer Dispensing System. Things to consider when designing your next keg cool room:

–How cold does the cool room need to be? 2-4 degrees for a Glycol System of Ice Bank System (with remote kegs) and 0-2 degrees for a direct pull system.
–What size? A standard commercial keg is 400mm diameter and 700mm high. You will need to make sure your keg cool room is large enough to fit 2 x kegs for each brand (one in operation and one for back up).
–Safety? All cool rooms supplied by Andale feature a bell and safety release. We can also supply and install C02 Monitors for your cool room.
Andale supply and install cool rooms designed to cope with Australia’s harsh ambient conditions. All of our cool rooms are designed and installed to suit your size and space requirements.

Ask you local Andale branch for a quote on the supply and installation of a cool room for your next project in Melbourne, Sydney or anywhere in Australia

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