5mm X 8mm Brewmaster Tubing



  • Ultra-smooth nylon inner layer.
  • Low gas permeability.
  • Highly flexible compared to solid nylon tubes.
  • Highly engineered for consistent quality tubing.
  • Superb adhesion between all layers with high resistance to delamination. Benefits:
  • Reduced bacterial growth and yeast adhesion so that the taste and quality of your beer is maintained.
  • Improved and easier cleaning.
  • Improved carbonation levels of dispensed product.
  • Suitable for tight bend radius applications.
  • Compatible with a wide range of fittings. Sizes available:
  • 4mm x 7mm
  • 4mm x 8mm.
  • 5mm x 8mm.
  • 6.3 x 9.5mm.
  • 7mm x 10mm.
  • 8mm x 12mm.
  • 9.5mm x
  • 12.7mm.

Freight not included. Freight will be charged based on the size and weight of the order.

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