Glycol Beer System
Glycol Block Beer System
Andale introduced the Glycol Block Beer System in 1998. The heart of this beer system is Andale's Patented "Glycol Block", which is the only 100% Australian made Glycol Block (plate) available.
Makers Of The First "See Thru" Font
Makers Of The First “See Thru” Font
Andale introduced the patented "Ice Thru" font in 2001. Andale's patented Ice Thru font is one of the most original fonts that you will find. The Ice Thru allows you to see the inner workings of a flooded beer font. Will the addition of coloured dye to yo
Glycol Smart Plate
The team at Andale introduced the patented "Coolabah Smart Plate" in 2002. The smart plate guarantees solid ice formation on your fonts, while at the same time allowing for dial-up temperature settings from each beer station.
Q-Guard Beer System
Q-Guard Beer System
Andale first introduced the Q-Guard Beer System in 2004. Q-Guard has been a major advancement in beer dispensing technology, by allowing longer beerline cleaning cycles and maintaining the quality of the beer dispensed through the system.
Beer Pump Gas System
Andale first introduced the concept of using beer pumps in the 1970's. Back then the technology was not up to speed with the concept. Today however with huge advancements in technology, Andale have refined the Beer Pump Gas System into what we see today.
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