Gen-X Tubing

  24 May 2016
Gen-X Tubing
f8c0f8f06a5abe59b3d7403cbde381fd_2 Introducing Gen-X tubing by Valpar. Over the next few months Andale will be introducing Valpar's new Gen-X tubing rangeas a replacement for the current Brewmaster 2 tube. Gen-X has all the same physical properties as Brewmaster 2 with the added feature of an extra barrier layer which improves beer quality as it practically eliminates any O2 ingress into the tube which would normally promote bacteria growth. Valpar are the world's leading beverage tubing manufacture and have spent decades working with and listening to thebeer dispensing industry to develop Gen-X tubing.Independent testing has shown that, in terms of performance, Gen-X is outstripping all other materials currently in use in terms of hygiene, freshness, gas retention & beer quality. Please see attached brochure.
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