Andale Company Profile

Andale commenced back in early 1946 when the founders, Henry Anderson and Wally Dale returned from World War II and decided to form a partnership, combining the “AND” from Anderson and the “ALE” from Dale, to form the name ANDALE. The early years of the company were limited to the area of repetition engineering, eg. mass produced machining work for outside customers. The first step into beer dispensing equipment came in 1947 when a customer asked Wally Dale to manufacture a beer tap. From that pivotal moment on, the company was involved in beer dispensing equipment and has continued along this path for over sixty years. Andale’s next big progression came in 1961 with the design and introduction of the Snaplok® range of beer dispensing equipment. No longer were large and cumbersome beer dispensing fittings required, replaced with the Snaplok® fittings that were quicker and easier to use. From humble beginnings, Andale was now manufacturing a full range of beer dispensing equipment.

When the Courage Brewery arrived into Australia, Andale were required to supply and install beer dispensing equipment, with Courage being the first brewery to use Snaplok® equipment. The late 1960’s also saw Andale introduce the first range of stainless steel beer dispensing equipment to Australia, a major step, placing Andale customers ahead of the competition.

In 1986, Andale was commissioned by CUB to supply the required equipment to convert every hotel in Victoria to Snaplok® stainless steel fittings.

By mid 1991, Andale was heavily involved with the Swan Brewery in making major changes to the way draught beer was dispensed. No longer were beer stations and chrome plated brass standard equipment found across Western Australia. Instead they were replaced by Andale’s gold “Fancy” fonts, complete with brand identification, illuminated decals and Floryte taps, in conjunction with a change to stainless steel Snaplok® fittings. The formation of a close relationship between Andale and Swan Brewery, led to an eighteen month exclusive arrangement with the Swan Brewery of all Andale’s new products. With Andale’s support, the Swan Brewery went from being thirty years behind, to leading Australia in the field of beer dispensing equipment in only a matter of months thanks to Andale.

By 1992, Andale’s expansion, included opening outlets in Adelaide and Brisbane, which allowed us to specifically cater for markets in each state and reduce delivery times considerably.

The nineties saw us heavily invest in new machinery, resulting in a higher quality product and also increasing manufacturing capabilities with the ability to operate machinery 24 hours a day, seven days a week without the need for additional labour costs.

In 1998, Andale become involved in the manufacture of beer and postmix python. Establishing a new company, Andale Python P/L, Andale became the Australasian distributor for Valpar Industries, the largest manufacturer of beverage tubing and python in the world. This agreement was beneficial for both companies as it provided Valpar with a steady customer in Australia, whilst allowing us to draw on the experience and product development of Valpar.

Finishing off the millennium with a bang, the company released their new glycol system to the Australian market. This system has been installed in hundreds of outlets over Australia including the Sydney Superdome.

Within ten years, Andale had grown from a modest company with two outlets and fifteen employees, to having six premises and over one-hundred employees, whilst remaining a family owned and proud Australian company, competing successfully against our overseas rivals.

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