Smart Plates

Upgrading to Andale's Smart Plate system is the only way to guarantee solid ice formation on your beer fonts. Ice formation on your beer fonts is a great selling point for ice cold tap beer.

Coolabah Smart Plate: 'Guaranteed Ice Formation'

Andale's patented Coolabah Smart Plate guarantees ice formation on your fonts. It incorporates an electronic thermostat for easy temperature adjustment. It allows each beer station to be set at a specific temperature, ensuring your beverage is served at the correct temperature. Andale's Coolabah ensures quicker cooling response in high demand periods and provides greater cooling capacity.

By up-grading your existing or future glycol dispensing system to incorporate Andale Coolabah Smart Plates you will be able to dramatically improve the presentation of your bar.

  • Guarantees solid ice formation on beer fonts.
  • Developed to chill beer at a "dial-up" temperature.
  • Pours a perfect drink, resulting in a full flavoured product with appealing head retention.
  • Simple replacement of standard glycol plates.
  • Exclusive to Andale (patented).