Andale's font range is the most comprehensive in Australia. Andale have a font to suit every style of bar.

The Beer Font is the most visual aspect of Andale's Glycol Block Beer System. Your choice can help to set the whole tone of your bar and works as an excellent point of sale feature for your tap beer.

The team at Andale are at the forefront of beer font design and fabrication. Andale first began fabricating beer fonts in the early 1960's. From being nothing more than a functional length of chrome plated brass tube, the beer font has become an integral part of the d├ęcor of every Australian pub, club and bar.

Andale played a large role in the evolution of the beer font. In 1991 (long before any of our competitors were even in business), Andale was heavily involved in revolutionising the way draught beer was dispensed not only in Australia, but around the world. No longer were beer stations and chrome plated brass standard equipment found across Australia. Instead they were replaced by Andale's gold "Fancy" fonts, complete with brand identification and illuminated decals.

The flooded font was also introduced by Andale in 1991. This helped to revolutionise beer dispensing in Australia. Widely emulated worldwide, the flooded font has become the cornerstone of any great bar. In 1996, a new range saw Andale take the humble facade of the beer font to new levels. Fonts with CNC machined flutes (The Regent, The Ivanhoe) and the introduction of mandrel bent fonts (Lucky 7), helped to bring a level of flair to many bars around Australia.

In 2001, Andale released a new range, including The Ice Thru, The Gunn, The Boomerang and The Kettle. The introduction of Andale's patented Ice Thru has taken the evolution of the product one step further by allowing people to see the inner working of a flooded font. Also with the introduction of the Gunn and Kettle ranges came a new range of finishes including Satin Chrome, Satin Gold and Copper.

In 2005, Andale had the commercial release of yet another range of beer fonts, including The Rouge, The Habour, The Fan, The 48 Degree, The 'T' Kettle, The Flanged range, The Crescent, The Apollo and The Sette range.

In 2008, Andale release another range. This collection includes a sports themed range (Cricket, AFL Footy, Rugby and Soccer), as well as The Tee Vee (with a 7 inch LCD screen on it), The Flash (a range of with individual 3.5 inch LCD screens with inbuilt flashcards), The Ha Penny Bridge, The Cyclops and The Bondi.

Before you install your next beer system visit for inspiration and view Andale's extensive collection. Andale have one to suit every bar.